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After a long winter, you might find your home seems to shrink around you. You could add more space to your home with an addition or you could renovate the space you already have to serve a more functional purpose in your life. Imagine the possibilities a basement renovation could offer: relaxing family room, space for guests, bar and lounge area, kids play space, movie theater, workout room, craft and hobby area, or clean, dry storage. The possibilities are endless, but there are some things to consider when thinking about a basement renovation.

Water is something that every homeowner should consider when renovating a basement. No one wants to renovate a basement only to have to repair water damage next time it rains. An exterior mitigation system can include waterproofing the outside of the foundation walls and ensuring proper drainage around the home. An interior mitigation system can include a system of drains and sump pump to remove excess water. Even if a home had a dry basement prior to renovations, you should still take all precautions to ensure no water can enter after the basement renovation is complete.

Most single family homes in Michigan are built with basements, but basements vary greatly depending on when they were built. A renovation of a basement post 1960’s might be more straightforward while an older home and an older basement may bring more complicated renovations. Every home is different and brings different challenges. A trusted contractor will be able to estimate how much time and resources are needed for your basement renovation.