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Universal design can be incorporated seamlessly into a bathroom to be functional and beautiful. Flooring in the bathroom and in the shower can be non-slip for safety but in the color and style you prefer. Grab bars bring to mind a white, plastic, unsightly hospital setting but it does not have to be that way. Grab bars come in many different colors and styles now that can accent your bathroom perfectly while functioning the way you would hope.

Similarly, the average toilet height is 14-16 inches high, but consider installing a higher or “comfort height” toilet ranging from 16-19 inches high. Due to the taller height of these toilets, it is easier for the average person to get up and down off of them and for an older adult who might be experiencing a loss of range of motion or mobility. When considering children using these higher toilets, a step stool works well and might have to be used for an average height toilet as well.

The tub vs. shower debate is a lengthy one, but you need to make the decision that is right for your home. One thing to consider is how many bathrooms you have in your home. If there is already a tub in another bathroom, you might make this current bathroom renovation a walk-in shower. Tubs are great for resale value for bathing children or relaxing after a long day, but showers can be more practical for day to day use and can have great resale value when thinking about adults functioning in the home.

Getting creative with storage can make or break your bathroom. Under the sink, above the toilet, and other wasted space in a bathroom can be the perfect spot for extra towels, soaps, hair care products and other such items that take up space in a bathroom. Even adding an inset shelf in the shower for soaps and shampoo can make a small space more functional. A bathroom should be both a beautiful and functional room in your home.