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Cold weather usually means higher heating bills. This leaves everyone trying to think of ways to cut costs and make their home more energy efficient. The heating/cooling system in your home can only go so far if the heat is escaping from leaky windows and doors. Replacing or repairing windows and doors to keep the heat inside is a great place to start. Other places in the home that easily lose heat are the attic and basement. When you imagine your home as a human body trying to keep warm, you would put shoes and a hat on that body. Similarly, your attic and basement/foundation should be well insulated.

There are some simple ways to ensure increased heat efficiency without renovation as well. Think about areas in your home that are used less frequently. Consider closing the door to those less frequently used rooms and either closing the vents in those rooms, or decreasing the damper on those ducts. This ensures that your furnace will get more heat to the rooms you use more often. Depending on what type of thermostat you have, consider programing different zones (ex. bedrooms vs. living space) to get this same effect. If you cannot program different zones in your home, usually you can program a time schedule (ex. less heat when you are not home) with your thermostat.

Whether it is a renovation or not, make sure your home has the most efficiency possible so you can stay warm and cozy during the winter months.