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In 2015, Peerless Improvements will be showcasing some of the work we do during the year with before and after photos as well as a descriptive vignette on each home improvement project. As we provide some examples of our work through the year, it is our hope to inspire the next renovation project in your home!

This year’s showcase will include some amazing transformations of homes including kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and whole home additions. We will provide examples of both exterior and interior work with attention to detail in all cases. Whether the next project focuses on a young family, an older adult, or anywhere in between, you will get a snapshot of what the needs of the client were, and a description of how those needs were met through the renovation work done. Since these are some examples of real clients Peerless Improvements works with through the year, no names or addresses will be shared online.

The 2015 showcase of Peerless Improvements work in home modifications, home restorations, and home renovations are sure to be an exciting addition to our site. Join us each month through 2105 for our newest spotlight home improvement project!