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Front BeforeBefore: This small, ranch-style home is located on a canal in Commerce, MI. It’s beautiful setting was previously the best feature of the property. The layout of rooms functioned when the family first moved in, but now leaves little room for family gathering space, entertaining space, or space to get away from the hustle and bustle of the average home. This 3 person family was about to outgrow their small ranch, so they called Peerless Improvements.






Front AfterAfter: Peerless Improvements gathered the wants and needs of the family and designed a beautiful and functional second story addition and first floor renovation for their home. This impressive transformation is seen from the front view of the home where it no longer looks like a small ranch, but now is a beautiful, two story, craftsman style home. The Peerless Improvements crew was able to work creatively which allowed the family to continue living in the home during this large renovation. Now this family in Commerce, MI has a home that meets their growing needs, has grown in value considerably, and has the Peerless Improvements seal of approval!