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Before: This month’s spotlight renovation was a family in Bloomfield Hills, MI who were the victims of storm damage. A large tree in their yard fell leaving the family with an extensive list of both exterior and interior repairs. Along with the back deck being unusable, the tree had damaged structural beams in the home which weakened the structural integrity and safety of the home.


After: This family came to Peerless Improvements not wanting a renovation, but instead a restoration. They were happy with their home the way it was before the damage had occurred. The Peerless Improvements team was able to creatively match the aesthetics of the home, while restoring the structural integrity. The mangled roofline was replaced with custom fit beams and matching finishing products. The deck was restored to match the previous style and even custom stained to ensure no one would be able to tell damage had ever occurred. This family is now able to love their home again!