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PreBath5The same woman who had her master bathroom renovated also wanted her guest bathroom renovated in order to allow her adult daughter to live in her home if she needs assistance. The bathroom was a Jack and Jill style with two entrances from two different bedrooms. The layout was a standard 4 piece bathroom with a single sink, toilet, and tub/shower combination. The bathroom had not been renovated since the 1980’s or 1990’s so it all needed an update.






In order to provide the most comfort and ease for both the mother and daughter, a comfort height toilet seat was installed and an easy access vanity with sink. The tub/shower combination was switched out for a walk in shower with a beautiful Euro-Glass door with wider opening than the previous sliding glass door. This “facelift” allowed for an updated aesthetic as well as a more comfortable and safe environment for the mother, her caregiver daughter, or their guests.Bath5