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When someone undergoes an unexpected hospital stay, their first thought is usually “When can I go home?” Peerless Improvements can make getting home easier with an occupational therapy evaluation to determine exactly what your new needs are in the home. One family recently utilized this service to ensure a safe transition from hospital to home. Among some smaller modifications and recommendations inside the house, a ramp in the garage was installed to allow for easy ingress/egress.

Since this individual was going to use a walker for ambulation, the slope of the ramp could be slightly higher than is usually required for someone who would be using a wheelchair. The railings are designed for easy grasp-ability for a person dealing with arthritis and the non-skid surface decreases the risk for falls. Now this family can rest easy knowing that they have easy access in and out of the house while maintaining the use of their garage for storage and parking.

This large home has a grand entry on the front of the home but this family primarily uses the back entry for day to day. The back entry was not ideal to use during rain or snow because there was no cover for protection from the elements. The homeowner works with stone so he had plans to create his own columns but wanted Peerless Improvements to create the covered entry.

The back entry was more understated but more useful. This family still wanted the style of the back entry to flow with the rest of the home’s design aesthetic.  The coved ceiling gives this entry a simple but elegant design that fits both the needs and style of the home. Wood and stone together give more visual interest and create just the right amount of balance for this entry way. Now this family has a beautiful and functional entry on the back of the home that they can use on a daily basis.

Most of the home renovations featured here focus on interior renovations but exterior renovations can be just as impressive. This home began with an outdated tan siding that did nothing to emphasize the architectural beauty of the home. The family who lives in this home wanted something more up to date that spoke to their modern style.

When Peerless Improvements was done with these exterior renovations, this family had the curb appeal they wanted. The stone and Hardee Board siding was an upscale modern touch to make the beauty of the home stand out against the beauty of the natural surroundings. The exterior of the home is the first thing people see when they arrive, and the last thing they see when they leave, so it makes a big impact on the design feel of your home. Peerless Improvements does both interior and exterior renovations to make sure you have the home of your dreams.

For these empty nesters, a face lift of their first floor 3 piece bathroom was on their wish list. The layout was functional for their needs but the design choices were very outdated. This couple had already picked out a color scheme, tile, and new vanity before Peerless ever arrived, so it was clear that this update had been on their minds for quite some time.

Maintaining the layout of this bathroom, the new vanity, new fixtures, paint, and flooring made this feel like an entirely new bathroom. The biggest change was a feature wall with floor to ceiling tile. This made a beautiful updated statement in a small space. Now this couple can enjoy the updated bathroom they have been dreaming about.

Often times, details are what make a larger project feel completed. This doorway is a great example of a beautiful detail making this renovation especially designed for the individuals using it. This doorway was previously just a cased opening between rooms with little character. Now these beautiful glass doors enhance the features of the home and add a pop of character. The functionality of these doors also allow for the office space to be closed off from the rest of the home while maintaining all the gorgeous natural light to flow in. This family is pleased with the attention to detail, making their renovation theirs.

Bathroom updates are one of the best ways to increase the value of a home when you decide to sell and increase the beauty and functioning of a home while you enjoy living in it. This bathroom previously featured a small 3 piece layout with vanity, toilet, and tub/shower combination. It was not functioning well for this individual.

Using universal design for easy access, a new vanity, flooring, and toilet were installed. The biggest transformation was the tub/shower combination changing over to a walk in shower. The euro style glass doors and mosaic tile create a modern streamlined flow. The low threshold to enter and hand held shower head make this easily usable for anyone with difficulty getting around or the average person. Now this bathroom functions better for the individual no matter what abilities they have in the future.

When this couple found mold in their outdated master bathroom, it was the perfect opportunity to not only fix the mold issue, but to redesign the bathroom of their dreams. The bathroom previously featured a single sink, toilet, small shower stall, and large soaking tub which had not been used in years. The large space allowed for a complete redesign that fit this couple and their family.

The new bathroom features a double sink with at least twice the amount of storage space. The toilet is now tucked behind a privacy wall. Getting rid of the soaking tub, which was not functional for this family, allowed for a larger, more luxurious walk in shower. The new master bathroom is more functional and updated to reflect the design style of this couple. Now they have a master bathroom retreat that they can enjoy each day.

The same family who loved the upgrade to their hall bathroom featured last month also wanted to upgrade their half bath. This traditional powder room featured a sink and toilet which was functional for guests but did not fit the modern aesthetic of this growing family.

In a smaller space like this powder room, it is easy to change the design without changing the layout. New, modern fixtures and a new paint color on the walls makes a big design statement. Now this bathroom functions well for guests but also fits in with the other upgrades this family has made to their home.

Bathrooms are arguably the most functional aspect of a home. For a family of 5 with 3 growing children, their bathrooms were functional but not updated to their taste. The hall bathroom that their 3 children use on a daily basis was the first to be updated.

This family chose to keep the same functional layout but update the style to their more modern taste. The gorgeous tile work in the shower is now an eye catching centerpiece. The plumbing and lighting fixtures all tie together the modern aesthetic this family was excited about. The clean design not only looks amazing but functions even better for a bathroom being used by 3 growing children. The tile and counters are easier to keep clean, the large counter top makes sharing space less of a battle, and increased storage space makes the bathroom less cluttered. Now this family can enjoy a brand new bathroom on daily basis that functions even better than it did before.