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frontbeforeThere is only one first impression of your home. The front facade of your home can tell the outside world what kind of people live inside. One family wanted the outside of their home to match the inside, and they knew right away to call Peerless Improvements. The initial front of the home was unassuming and looked similar to many other homes on the block.

After Peerless Improvements completed the renovation to the front of the home, this family got the curb appeal they were looking for. Peerless increased space inside the second story and added visual interest to the front face of the home by adding a dormer. The custom front porch shows off craftsman style pillars which make the entry more inviting. Now this family has a gorgeous front face of their home which better reflects their style and personalities.frontafter

PorchBeforeOne great way to add functional space to a home is to enclose a porch or patio area. When you live in an ever-changing climate like Michigan, an enclosed porch makes an outdoor space that could previously only be used for part of the year into a year round place to gather in the home. One family recently decided to renovate their enclosed porch with Peerless Improvements as a part of a whole home renovation.

The porch was previously considered a “3 season” room, but did not shield you from the harsh winter weather. The crew at Peerless Improvements made sure this new year-round space would be comfortable in both hot and cold temperatures with the proper insulation, new windows, and new heating/cooling runs. The drywall, paint, trim, and flooring were updated but the real show stopper in this room remains the beautiful view of the back yard. Now this family can enjoy opening up the windows for a cool summer cross breeze, as well as curling up with a good book on a chilly winter evening. Let Peerless Improvements make your next renovation dreams into realities!PorchAfter

hallbefore1The same family who renovated their master bathroom also wanted to renovate the bathroom the kids use in order to make it more functional and updated. It began as a standard hall bathroom but was not functioning as best it could with three young children using it.







Peerless Improvements renovated their hall bathroom to maximize the use of space and accommodate their child with special needs. The double sink was given almost twice the storage space, the tub shower combination was expanded to allow for easy access when washing children but also to allow for growing children to eventually grow and bathe themselves. The fixtures were updated to reflect the whimsical feel these homeowners envisioned. Now this family has a bathroom that the kids are excited to use and grown into.hallafter4

A family approacBeforehed Peerless Improvements recently who wanted two of their bathrooms renovated. These parents have their hands full with three young children, one of whom has special needs. Their master bathroom was outdated, small, and lacked storage which ended up being just another stress in their day to day lives.




Peerless Improvements renovated their master bathroom to transform it to the retreat these busy parents needed. The size was expanded to accommodate a larger counter space for sink and vanity area. The fixtures, colors, and details were designed to reflect the modern style these homeowners were after. A steam shower was installed to allow for maximum relaxation when these parents are able to steal a moment for themselves. Now they have the master bathroom retreat they were looking for!

The kitchen has often been called the heart of the home. It is no wonder that homeowners often want to renovate their kitchen toKitchenBefore make it a great gathering space, entertaining space, and functionally beautiful space. A kitchen renovation that Peerless Improvements recently completed began as a choppy layout with little flow and lacked the aesthetic the homeowners envisioned.



Now that Peerless Improvements is done renovating this kitchen, the homeowners have a space which functions much better for day to day use and for an entertaining space. Not only is it more functional, but it is also designed and finished to look beautiful. This space gives the homeowners exactly what they initially envisioned and now lives up to the phrase “heart of the home.”KitchenAfter

A bathroom renovation is one of the best ways to increase functionality, safety, and resale value of your home. When you have a brand new bathroom renovation it is easy to be happy with it, but the true test of a good renovation is after many years. Recently, Peerless Improvements returned to a bathroom renovation we had done almost ten years ago. The homeowner was still very happy with both the aesthetic and the functionality of the renovation and was getting ready to sell the home to move out of state.Woodcrest9

The home, with all the renovations Peerless Improvements had done through the years, including a second story master suite, sold quickly to a family who commented on how much they liked the move-in ready and updated bathrooms in particular. When thinking about an updated bathroom to enjoy at home or to improve the resale value of your home, it is important to choose a contractor who will ensure, with proper building materials and techniques, that renovation will last for years to come.

April is occupational therapy month and to celebrate, we are highlighting the occupational therapist on the Peerless Improvements team, Leigh Ustick OTR/L. As an occupational therapist who specializes in home modification for older adults and people with disabilities, Leigh is skilled at evaluating a person’s needs to maximize safety and functioning at home.Bath3

The most commonly modified area in the home is the bathroom. Most home accidents happen in the bathroom so it is important to focus on this area for fall risks. Along with grab bars, comfort height toilets, and ample storage to keep clutter off the floor, a walk-in shower can be a great addition to a safe but beautiful bathroom. A tub/shower combination can create a trip hazard when trying to get in and out of the shower. A walk-in shower can have a small threshold while a roll-in shower has no threshold allowing for easy access for a wheelchair. A skilled occupational therapist can make these recommendations specific to your needs while keeping the beauty of your aesthetic choices.

Whether designing a home modification around a specific client’s needs, or implementing universal design in a traditional renovation, Peerless Improvements is proud to offer occupational therapy evaluations and recommendations during April and all year long.  Bath1

Speir2016Before and after photos of renovations can be a great way to show dramatic change. A less flashy, but true test of a good renovation is to return after time has passed. It may not show a dramatic change in photos but it will show the integrity in the work completed.

Peerless Improvements recently visited a basement renovation that had been completed over a year ago after severe flooding. The family remains very happy with the work completed in their basement and told us there have been no flood issues since the renovation. They use the basement often as extra storage, a workout space, and as a family room. It is clear to see the integrity in the work a year later: no paint peeling, no flooring issues, and most importantly no flooding!

Working with a licensed contractor who shows this same integrity in their work can ensure that your renovation is enjoyed for years to come!   Speir20162

Valentine’s Day can put a lot of pressure on couples to come up with a romantic date night. If you have a beautiful master suite at home, your date night might be a lot easier to plan.PeerlessAddition6

A master suite renovation could mean that you redesign the space you already have, or it could mean that you add space to your current home in order to create the master suite you have been dreaming of. A calming paint color, light and airy design elements, and keeping your bedroom separate from other living spaces can ensure your master suite is the oasis you want. If you are thinking of a larger scale renovation to create an entirely new space, an attic, second story addition, or enlarging the first floor footprint can be wonderful space for your master suite retreat.

However you decide to renovate your master suite, make sure you work with the proper professionals to keep your renovations safe and on track.

Winter weather can make us all feel like we are stuck in our homes for the next few months. Sometimes this extra time indoors can make you see the flaws in your home or perhaps it becomes clear that there is not enough space for your family to function happily. While looking for more space, don’t overlook the basement.

The basement can be a fabulous spot to gain extra living space without expanding the footprint of your home. Some families prefer a home theater, while others prefer a craft room, while others still prefer a play space for children. Whatever your needs, the basement can be transformed into the extra space you are looking for. Make sure you work with a trusted professional when renovating your basement, or any space in your home, to ensure the proper safety precautions, potential troubleshooting, and residential codes are upheld.PeerlessBasement1